Monday, November 30, 2009

Facebook & Timmy Enigma

Well, I did it. I joined Facebook. I swore to myself that I would never do it, but after trying my hand at this thing called "Networking" for the past three months or so, I finally bit the bullet and decided I ought to join the biggest networking site in the world. Besides, I think what few friends I have won't think less of me for it, since they use it themselves. Hopefully I'll learn how to use this new fangled Facebook doo-hickey.

Also, I have an update on my little friend Timmy Enigma. I had been chronicaling on his progress in my old blog (Writing To Write), and I think it's time for an update. Since I last photographed him and reported on him, he grew at least three times in size. (Okay, maybe two) He was a twig when we found him, but this caterpillar has fatty rolls now! And he eats like a monster, and poops even more so. I once had a guinea pig, and I have never seen so much dookie. (Gross, but it's so ridiculous, I have to share. I trust you appreciate no pics being posted.)

Being at least two months old, I think he's due for a metamophosis. Researching online, the closest thing we could find in identifying his species was an Army Caterpillar, or something. Apparently their a menace to farmers, and after seeing the way Timmy eats his lettuce, I can only imagine what a horde of them would do to a crop. And according to that bit of information and guesswork, he should be turning into a moth, not a butterfly. But I'm not betting my last shilling that he's going to be one or the other.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Like everyone else, I've fancied myself as a nonconformist in one form or another. In this particular case, I thought of myself as a nonconformist by not using the ever popular Blogspot or Blogger. But, now that I'm trying to make a name for myself online, I should stop being a wanna-be individual and make use of any networking site that I can. (This also includes Twitter). Wouldn't be surprised if I fell unwillingly into the Cult of Facebook.

Now that I've got my blog more or less set up, I hope to use it to promote my writing. I'm only three months into freelance writing and I haven't yet gotten the hang of it. I'm still learning about SEOs and networking and all that. I feel like such a newbie...

So far, my accomplishments (such as they are) include publishing a novel at, as well as a few articles at,, and It's my intention to continue publishing at each and every one of those places. And then, once I have my name known and my books become mandatory reading next to the bible, I can plan my takeover of the known universe and purge the solar system of all things resembling sauerkraut.

As for my novel, here's the link:

The price says it's about $20, but the truth is it's cheaper. I have uet to figure out why the price is wrong, but I'm working on fixing it. Including shipping and handling, the price only comes up to about $12.

My other published works are at the following links. Have a look: