Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laugh, Clown! Even Your Heart is Bleeding

A bleeding heart was the literal case in the 1924 silent film He Who Gets Slapped. Being a die-hard Lon Chaney fan, I've been wanting ot see this film for years. So, I was waiting and waiting for TCM to show it. But they never did. Finally, by chance, I came across it on YouTube. Was it worthwhile? I definitely think so.

Granted, I personally preferred Laugh, Clown, Laugh! from 1928, which also starred Lon Chaney. Yes, both star him as a clown with unrequited love, but they're so distinctly different, they're both enjoyable. After watching this film, I'm convinced that Lon Chaney invented the scary clown. Especially since this clown is the result of a once brilliant scientist post-breakdown. And you can't help but enjoy the scene where he exacts his revenge on the man who drove him there.

I published a movie review for He Who Gets Slapped on Associated Content. Check it out!

Might as well give the film a looksee as well while you're at it. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

O Inspiration, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

As you can see by the the title of this entry, I still have the itch to do some writing. Poetic or casual. But, it's hard to write when you don't know what you want to write.

If you're a writer, like me, then your brain is probably filled to the brim with ideas you want to use and get on paper one day. But, no matter how many "brilliant" ideas I have, the moment I sit down to brainstorm on them and get them developed my mind goes a blank and I find myself staring at that accursed blinking cursor on the screen like so: o_o (That's my face, if you couldn't tell...)

I think many writers today have come to hate that blinking cursor. It blinks endlessly and offers absolutely no help or comfort for your lack of brain activity. You have the ideas, but can't focus on them. This isn't necessarily writer's block, I don't think. In fact, I think the root of the problem is that I have too many ideas and can't decide on one.

If I'm going to get anything done, I only need to focus on a single idea. Currently, I have about three stories that I've dropped and three others that are on hold. Not to mention another set of three that are complete but need to be edited and revised...

To solve this little dilemma, I might just work on getting the completed stories out of the way. Once they're edited and revised and published, I won't have to think about them anymore. I have got to clean my cerebral plate.

Friday, January 1, 2010

"Tarkington Wolf" On the Loose

Written in 2007, but only recently edited and polished, I finally have Tarkington Wolf published. This story is a bit of a pet project of mine, since I had it mind at least a year before I actually startred writing it. Then it took me countless versions and rewrites before it became what it is now, and for the first time, I'm relatively satisfied with the results.

Now, I am not a fan of Vampires and Werewolves. In fact, I never used the word "werewolf" once in my novel. Now, before anyone goes and draws any conclusion, this story has nothing to do with that infernal Twilight series. It was written and conceived long before I even heard of Twilight. My reasons for writing it were mainly because there are too few werewolf stories out there with decent plots. Well, this was my attempt at a plotful werewolf tale. (Plotful? I dunno if that's a word, but I like it.)

(click pic to go to Lulu page)

The plot is as follows (copy and pasted from

"An unearthly wolf prowls in the English town of Tarkington and is killed by two brothers, Theo and Ben Cathmore. But, instead of a wolf, they discover that they had mistakenly murdered their own father.

After spending ten years among a gypsy caravan, Ben returns to Tarkington to discover that Theo has become a local dictator and that the wolf is alive and more vicious than ever. Worst of all, he finds himself falling hopelessly in love with Hazel, his brother's estranged wife.

Driven by betrayal, and unable to stay away from the woman he loves, Ben seeks out the links between his tyrannical brother and the murderous Tarkington Wolf. "

Hopefully my book will appeal to a lot of people. It's set in Victorian England, is dark, has a supernatural monster, and a love triangle. If only I had the know-how to promote my stuff.