Monday, May 31, 2010

El Tango de Chaney - Tribute to Lon Chaney

Don't tread on that spider, it might be Lon Chaney! Well, better a spider than the characters he portrayed, which were featured in my first YouTube video.

I've been a Chaney fan since I first saw him on screen some five or six years ago. He's awesome and amazing and talented and not enough people seem to know who he is. So! When I was spontaneously inspired while listening to the soundtrack of Moulin Rouge, I had to make this music video. Took me a year or so, but I did it!

There are a few videos on YouTube for Lon Chaney, but not enough that I feel did Chaney or his characters any justice. "El Tango de Roxanne" is filled with all that passionate stuff of jealousy and heartbreak, with a pinch of insanity. Which I thought was perfect for Chaney's characters who just never seemed to get the girl.

In a nutshell: Chaney is a disfigured or outcasted character who loves a girl who loves another guy. That's the skeleton plot for almost all of his films, but somehow Chaney managed to make each character unique and mesmerizing.

Here's my video. Hope you enjoy! ^_^