Monday, January 31, 2011

How Now, Sequel?

Last August I completed another novel called "The Brethren Souls," which is in dire need of proof reading and editing at th moment. That story isn't even cold yet and already I'm writing a sequel for it. But this isn't just any sequel... It's a continuation of TWO stories at once. I already published a Victorian story called "Tarkington Wolf", and my current project combines Tarkington Wolf and The Brethren Souls in what could very well turn out to be a ridiculously over the top Victorian drama/horror. And probably not in a good way.

It's extremely tricky though. TW was written from the first person point of view of Benjamin. The Brethren Souls is third person, but about 90% of the story follows the anti-hero Fargeau, and about 80% of the chapters begin with his journal entries. So, in a sense that's a lot of first person POV woven in there. I've already begun my sequel for both stories in third person, but I'm having a hell of a time deciding my primary POV.

Each story had its central figure. For Tarkington Wolf, it was Theo and his werewolf curse. For The Brethren Souls, it's Fargeau and his evil science. The two are such larger han life characters, I'm not sure if it's going to work putting them in a story together. It may make the whole plot fall apart, or it may take away from both of the characters to share a story. Also, how mysterious do I keep them? If their original stories are read first, then the reader may get bored knowing what these characters are all about before it's revealed. On the other hand, what's the fun of having everything spelled out and shown in a story?

This isn't my first sequel, but that doesn't mean its any easier. I've always enjoyed sequels that aren't too heavily dependent on their original stories, that way if anyone comes in middle, they won't be too lost. I want my sequel to stand on its own as much as possible.

While I'm well aware of the potential toxins that may be emitted if this story bombs, I cannot stop thinking about it. Sometimes, Tempation and Inspiration conspire against you in the most diabolical way by sticking prodders in your brain and galvanizing it when you least expect it. If I could stop thinking about this story, hoo-boy! Believe me I would!

My head hurts just writing this. I've been pondering over this nonsense for months now and I don't seem to have gotten anywhere. Why can't writing be as easy as every non-writer thinks it is?! >_<