Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amazon Kindle!

Recently, I finally gave in and saved up for a Kindle. So far, I would have to say that it is one of the coolest things I have ever bought. Not only do I get to read the classics for free, but I'm getting them instantly. I then got to thinking... What if I could broaden my potential audience by publishing on Amazon Kindle? So... I did!

The first story I chose to be published was Tarkington Wolf. I chose it for a few reasons: First, it is the only story of mine that has a review from a complete stranger (a positive review, I might add...). Second, it's a personal favorite of mine since it took me so long to write (or should I say rewrite?). And it would be a lie to say that I didn't want to play into the current popularity of werewolves just a little... though some people may be disappointed that there aren't random scenes of shirtless men.

Er! I mean... There are TONS of totally relevant beefcake scenes of muscular Victorian men who are as alluring as they are dangerous... (Btw, don't let that joking mislead you about my story. Please.)

Hopefully soon I will have my other two published stories, That Dame and The Brethren Souls, also available on Kindle. And, as usual, I'll keep the prices to an absolute minimum. I really don't care about turning a profit until I know my stuff is worth selling. And if I'm going to find that out, I need to get some reviews!

Here's the Kindle Edition of Tarkington Wolf!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Necessary Ego?

I've been rather slow to learn that if you're going to get anywhere in life, you need to have an ego. Case in point: You'll never be a successful author if you're buried in your own modesty and/or self-doubt. I'm willing to say that I'm not a terrible writer, but I can't put myself anywhere near the same category as Shakespeare, Bronte (pick one), Dickens, King, or Wilde. It won't do me any good to put all this passion into my writing then regard the idea of other people reading it with a "Meh." Yeah. I need to put a proverbial gun to their heads and order them to read it through their tears of terror and confusion.
I suppose my realization in my passive-aggression towards getting recognized came from watching my sister. She writes poetry, but more than anything, she's an artist. Paint, pencil, chalk, carcoal, wood burning, sculpting; you name it, she can do it. And with her own unique style that makes me jealous and proud all at the same time. She's always been an amazing artist, but for the past few months she's finally been taking steps towards advertising her work via websites and word of mouth. Her various work has all been put on one website, Shade Of Rust, and it's been reminding me how important it is to network. Even though networking sucks.
So, I guess my late (or early?) New Year's Resolution will be to advertise for my writing a little more. Unlike my sister's art, though, I don't have the benefit of people glancing at my work and deciding whether or not it's worth their money. Reading a book requires not only money, (unless if it's freeeeeeee.... *plug plug*), but time as well.
So, along with learning advertising and networking, I should also learn a thing or two about writing short stories. Everytime I try to write a short story, I feel like I'm trying to stuff an elephant into a cat carrier. Just doesn't work. (I was going to use some kind of sexual euphemism there, but all of my phantom readers would enjoy that too much.)
Going back to my thesis, I need to learn how to brag about my writing and put it in people's faces. It will annoy them and quite possibly make them want to avoid my writing completely. But! It will make them aware of its existence. And who knows. Perhaps there are people out there as cynical as me who will want to read my work just so they can tell others precisely what they hate about it. (I'll have to write a blog entry about the Twilight movie to further emphasize that concept...) And now, I have some serious soul searching to do... for my ego.