Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy
I visited and got satellite internet for my grandmother. She never had internet access from her house before. She would go into the library in town when she wanted to e-mail me. The last time that I went to visit her, I convinced her that she needed to get the internet at her house. We called and got it hooked up really quickly, I showed her house to use it. Even though she is eighty-five she navigates the internet with ease. By the time I headed home after the week, she could e-mail, created a Facebook profile, and got on Pinterest. Now, I love staying in touch with my grandmother all the time on the internet. The only downfall for her having the internet at her house is that she is constantly commenting on my Facebook posts and sends a ton of those annoying forwarded e-mails. I can forgive it though because I love my grandmother so much and am really happy every time I get to hear from her.