Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Supernatural: Hopes and Dreams of Season 8

It's never come up, but I am a fan of Supernatural. Like, a big one. I discovered it almost a year ago and I've watched it repeatedly since then. If you started at episode 1, you would too!

It was just announced today that they finished shooting Day 1 of Season 8, and it got me thinking on all the things that I would like to see happen in the coming season with our favorite brothers and angel.

Note: This list is no particular order, just whatever came to mind first.

*****SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched the show up to Season 7, don't read any further! I don't want to spoil things for you in the unlikely event that the rest of the internet hasn't already! You've been warned!*****

1) Lucifer. It was damn amazing to see Mark Pelligrino as Lucifer return in Season 7. I missed him very much. And him as a voice in Sammy's poor broken head was wonderful, though scarce. (We needed more of it!) I was disappointed, however, with the lack of clarification. Was he just a hallucination, or was he actually real?

Hopes: I want it to be confirmed that Lucifer was indeed top-side, albeit attached to Sam's pscyhe. With Cass transferring Sam's crazy into his own head, assuming Lucifer was real, he would now be attached to him instead. And if you saw the Season 7 finale, then you know that Lucifer is in a very interesting place with Cass and Dean. Potential!

2) Bobby. I have mixed feelings about what happened to Bobby in Season 7. I was upset when he died, and started to get slightly annoyed with him as an angry ghost. I love the character, but I'm beginning to wonder if his death was the right move for the writers. Or maybe it was because we didn't get the usual waterworks that we've often seen from the boys in the past (more on that later). And it was very obvious that they left it open. We didn't actually get to see Bobby disappear when Sam and Dean burnt the flask, the flask didn't have its leather case, and Cass was sitting in the background in a suspicious manner. With his belfry full of bats right now, who knows what that hippy angel is up to.

Hopes: If they bring Bobby back, which they probably will, I hope it is either for a more satisfying send off, or for a highly significant reason. Maybe he got towed into Purgatory as well. (Will they answer our question about where ghosts go after their remains are burned? Hmmm......)

3) Dick and the Leviathans. I loved Dick Roman, but I hated the Levis. I thought they were a poor excuse for a top villain in Supernatural. Yes, their one weakness being Borax was pretty funny, but it took away from the gritty awesomeness that the show used to have. And they weren't very complex, either. All they wanted to do was eat everyone and each other. (Bibbing? Come on.) I feel like chances are good Dick will be appearing again in Purgatory, since he kind of brought them there in the first place. And that works for me.

Hopes: The only Leviathan I'm willing to tolerate anymore is Dick. He was charismatic and a delightful pain in the ass. So, if there are going to be any Levis in Season 8, please only make it Dick.

4) Sam. Oh, Sammy. Is it just me, or did he get gypped in this season? Yes, he had a few episodes with what I like to call his "Head Problems," which were great. But in all of the other episodes he was just so okay with the world and being in Hell and losing everyone and everything that it was so... NOT okay. He floated through the season like they were on a picnic that had a few ant problems. I tried to justify this to myself saying that the poor guy has to be desensitized to everything by now (how does anything get worse than Hell where you're Lucifer and Michael's bitch?). But it was that angry, angsty, and bitchy Sam from Season 1 that I think we all fell in love with.

Hopes: Now that Sam is, as Crowley said, very truly on his own, I think there is a chance for the old Sammy to come back. He really is all alone now. There is no Dean, no Bobby, no Cass, no Frank, Rufus, Jo, Ellen-- hell, not even Meg! It's just him and Baby, and I think it could be one hell of a ride to see what he does to get his brother back. Bring back his brooooood!

5) REAL Monsters. I love this show more than life itself, but beginning with Season 6 (with Mother of All, and all that) I've been wanting to see some REAL monsters. Not monsters in human form, but hairy, scaley, quadraped, drooling, red-eyed, toothy, winged, smokey, massive MONSTERS. They were almost shown in the last few seconds of Season 7, and I hope that wasn't a false teaser.

Hopes: Now that we get to see Purgatory, I hope we get to see monsters as they really are. In Heaven, everything was according to people's own imaginations and memories, so that explains why we didn't get to see angels flying around on wings and perching on a nimbus. I want to see non-humanoid creatures!

6) Crowley. He kicked ass and took names in a matter of seconds in the finale. And I loved it. As the new King of Hell, he's been playing it cool. But now, he seems to have gotten the upper hand again. I imagine he must be loving the idea of the Winchesters separated and Cass in Purgatory.

Hopes: I really, really, really want to see Crowley become the head honcho villain of this season. I want him to serve as the equivalent to Azazel, Lilith, Lucifer, and Dick. He has always been more sneaky and would take the back door to screw you over. Probably literally. I want to see what he can do when he's pissed off and has means. And I would almost want him to win... almost.

 7) Crying. I won't deny it. Like every other person of the female variety who watches this show, I enjoy the crap out of the heart wrenching scenes of the boys crying. Jensen and Jared are just too damn good at it. However, we were a little gypped in Season 7. There were multiple scenes that should have evoked tears or full on sobbing, but didn't. The most we got was some misty eyes before the scene moved on. As I mentioned before, this could be justified through the idea that Sam and Dean are just numb to everything now. Dean, especially, got a lot of explanation for being sick and tired of just about everything.

Hopes: Crying. That is all.

8) Castiel. I thoroughly enjoyed crazy Cass. He was a lot of fun, which has a lot to do with Misha Collins's portrayal. It was interesting to see a different side of him with the stick out of his ass and he was just hilarious. Unfortunately, his new outlook made him something of a scaredy cat, so at the fist sign of danger he tended to... well, poof.

Hopes: I wouldn't mind seeing Castiel crazy for a little while longer, just for fun. But I hope he goes back to his old reliable self eventually. Otherwise, it's safe to say that Dean is pretty SOL.

9) Dean. The tough on the outside, gooey on the inside rebel without a cause has gone to pieces these last couple of seasons. The poor guy really can't handle much more tragedy in his life. He has been tired since Season 1, and I feel for him. How he keeps going, I have no idea. Especially after Sam told him, in his nice, cupcake Sammy way, to get a life of his own. Ouch.

Hopes: I want to see Dean-o get revitalized. Or lose his mind completely. It's time we see him snap one way or the other, and either way could be a joy to watch. But this teetering on exhaustion thing is making me tired, which is depressing.

10) Michael. Michael (and Adam for that matter) ended along with Season 5. The showdown with Lucifer was thwarted and he was locked in a box with the key thrown away. And the character didn't get much time in the spotlight anyway, which was a little disappointing.

Hopes: I need to see a Round 2 between him and Lucifer. More than anything, I want to see him with DEAN as his vessel. We never get to see Dean be anyone but himself and I honestly want to see Jensen play an angel. I know he has the talent, and the writers need to use it, damn it!

Wanna slice of heaven?

Since I've reached a nice even list of 10, I will leave it at that. I am really excited for the premiere of Season 8 on October 3rd, and that the first episode will be directed by the ever-talented Jensen Ackles. I don't know how many other people would agree with me on these points, but if anyone would like to share, feel free!