Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bringing a little bit of retro style into my home

Guest post written by Lana CopelandI'm really into vintage and retro things. Some of my favorite times are the 60s, but more like the Mad Men 60s than the Woodstock 60s. I think that if I had a Woodstock looking 60s home, I wouldn't look very much like an adult. Now, it doesn't look just like a flash from the past exactly, but it definitely has a little bit of retro flavor.I'd like to make my home look a little more sophisticated and I looked online to get a little bit of inspiration for that. While I was online looking up some of that stuff, I ran across some info on sears replacement windows. I knew that's something else that I need to address in my home to make it look a little more sophisticated, so I'm going to get my windows replaced. I think it will make a huge different in looks.I decided to also get a bar cart for my home. I think it's a great way to bring in a little more of that retro flavor, but in a modernized way. I love how minimalist it is while serving a much-needed purpose for me.