Thursday, March 15, 2012

Highlighting Differences

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo GrahamI think it’s funny that since I got directtv my boyfriend and my differences have been amplified. It has always been obvious to us that we are very different, but I never thought we wouldn’t be able to sit down and watch a TV show together. He can’t stand the shows that I like, and I return the sentiment about his. I admit that some of the shows I like are very girly, but I don’t expect him to watch those with me. I try to watch shows like The Bachelor and Real Housewiveswhen I am by myself. He will not watch anything but sports. I can suggest all sorts of compromises and he won’t go for any of them. I get so sick of watching basketball games that I just zone out and eventually fall asleep. I don’t even want to imagine what football season will be like! I wish we could find a common ground that we would both enjoy. I am going to keep on trying to find something. Maybe I should start renting movies about sports?