Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The New Jacobin Club

So, I received a ridiculously flattering compliment recently in the form of a book review. It was written by Xerxes Praetorius Horde of The New Jacobin Club. Sounds slightly random, but it's really not.

I discovered The New Jacobin Club through an ad on Facebook that was offering free downloads of something that could only be classified as Steampunk Heavy Metal. I'm not so hypocritical to say I wasn't pulled in by the prospect of free music. So, I got the music and fell in love with it. Not instantly, mind you, simply because it wasn't like the "Steampunk" music I was accustomed too (e.g., Clockwork Quartet, Abney Park, etc.). Because NJC has the heavy metal element combined with cellos. What especially struck me was the storytelling behind it. Each performer has a character and a story and I'm a sucker for fiction. At least, for the sake of the mortal men, let's hope they're fictitious...

The New Jacobin Club (picture taken from their website. Click to visit their page!)

I enjoyed the free music and sent a response to The Horde, and he responded. In fact, NJC has an exceptional awareness of the fans. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about them and their work. It is very much my kind of style-- Demons, dark societies, corruption of humanity. These subjects have always fascinated me in Victorian literature, and I always found it seriously lacking the Steampunk genre. And The New Jacobin Club has it all.

I've only written one story that could fall into the Steampunk category, if on a very subtle level-- The Brethren Souls. So, I shared it with The Horde, hoping it would (to some degree) fall into the sphere of interest for the NJC. I would like to think that it did, because the review was positive, but more importantly, it tells me that my book was understood for what it is.

Of course a good review will make any author giggle and bounce around like a prepubescent girl (don't lie, dudes) but this one was especially exciting because I received it from another artist that I respect the hell out of. They are talented, intelligent, and ridiculously down to earth. Their music certainly can stand on its own, but the brief email correspondence with The Horde himself solidified my interest in everything they do. I may or may not be under the manipulative power of otherworldly demons.

You can listen to a vast playlist of their music on their website, or just click here to go directly to it!

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